Leading Austrian Baby Milk Suppliers

Oracle Group GmbH is among the professional and high-end baby milk powder suppliers in Austria. Established to serve baby dairy items, we are constantly working to meet the demands of the customers.

We are Getting Continuous Growth

Through our uncanny efforts, we are on the path of continuous growth unlike other baby milk suppliers. Thus, to have laser focus and significant market share, we are building our capacity in both production and marketing. We do not only sell baby formula, but we also operate in the following industries:

  • Soft drinks,
  • Dairy products, and
  • Confectionary products.

This shows that our growth is diversified.

Quality Baby Formula Suppliers

What is baby milk formula and why baby formula suppliers use it

Baby milk or baby formula is used primarily as a substitute for milk. Other uses include dietary supplements for older infants and special milk formulations for particular nutritional requirements or to dispense allergies.

The finished milk product is either supplied as a spray-dried powder (reconstituted as needed) or in a liquid state packed in “ready to use” sterile feeding bottles. Typically ingredients added by baby formula suppliers include soy protein, milk proteins, lactose, maltodextrin, and multiple minerals and vitamins.

Unmatched Professionalism

Oracle Group GmbH’s key to success is based on commitment and professionalism. Supplying quality baby milk powder is our main priority. With a client base that includes several renowned companies; both small and large scale; we are constantly at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

Applying and developing new high-shear mixing techniques to meet customers’ needs, Oracle Group GmbH has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to both quality and service to beat other baby milk suppliers.

Quality baby milk powder suppliers

To remain among top baby milk and baby formula suppliers, our aim is to offer our buyers milk that is worth appreciation for due to its high quality. As one of the top baby milk powder suppliers, we have an aim to establish customer commitment and brand loyalty by hiring expert workers who have a sense of reliability and passion within their work commitments.

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