Top Quality Dairy Products Suppliers

Oracle Group GmbH is among the leading wholesale dairy products suppliers in Austria. Founded in the last decade as a family-owned business, we have quality and qualified staff associated with us. We offer a range of dairy products that find their way on the shelves of leading supermarkets in Austria.

With our one-of-a-kind one-stop-shop formula, we offer businesses innovative dairy products that are often developed by ourselves. Also, we represent well-known brands to beat other topline wholesale dairy suppliers.

We have a passion for animals; however, we are characterized by:

  • Wide product knowledge,
  • Fast deliveries and
  • Professionalism.

Wholesale dairy products suppliers

Thanks to our online platform, we support our business partners with the possibility to keep their inventory up to date. If you pick us as oppose to other wholesale dairy products suppliers, you will never miss any order from your customers and will enjoy the convenience of what you didn’t use to.

With our on-time smart shipping, our product range becomes your offer in no time. From unique product lines to premium brands, we also have drinks, beverages and almost everything to make your clients happy.

We Believe in Organic Products

We are among the top wholesale dairy products suppliers with a strong presence throughout the country. We have one of the widest range of dairy products and related services on the market.

Our strategy remains to be in the development of innovative and science-led products which improve

  • Soil fertility,
  • Efficient nutrient’s use and
  • Crop productivity and protecting the environment

We are a Value-Driven Organization

Everything we do as one of the responsible wholesale dairy suppliers is directed towards achieving our purpose and vision.

We do this by religiously follow our values that create an environment. That ambiance enables us to deliver success for our clients, our people, and our business partners, and our communities.

Best Wholesale dairy products suppliers

We want to establish an unparalleled relationship with our clients and strengthen our bond with the existing clients. We wish to serve trustworthy clients every time. We are committed to providing the best customer service in this industry. We believe in going together and growing together unlike other Austrian wholesale dairy suppliers.

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