High Quality wholesale confectionery products suppliers

Many people want sweet items that they experience growing up or while traveling. However, when we talk about confectionery, we know people remain loyal to brands. The same biscuit offered by confectionery products suppliers does not taste the same. Thus, favorites remain favorites.

Therefore, we keep a stock of the huge range of sweets for Austrian customers. Our confectionary items include:

  • Bounty bar
  • Belvita breakfast
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Coated wafer
  • Golden mini cake and more

As one of the large-scale confectionery products suppliers, we stock sweets and biscuits, as well as sugar-free items for your shelves. To know more about our confectionary range, kindly visit our “Products” section.

Why You Should Pick Us

With our wide selection of wholesale confectionery, we offer:

  • Exceptional client care and offer a reliable and timely delivery service
  • We ship to different parts of Austria, Mediterranean Countries, the Middle East, Asia, the USA, Canada, and everywhere in Europe.
  • We agree on the time frame of order delivery and adhere to the same.

Complete Package as a confectionery suppliers

We are dedicated to promoting, advancing, and protecting the confectionery industry and other confectionery suppliers that make the Austrian confectionery industry stronger. Through regulatory ad advocacy guidance, industry insights, communications support, and supply chain engagement, our clients receive the best resources they require to thrive in the confectionery industry.

Quality wholesale confectionery products

We specialize in providing high-quality confectionery items for the cookie, cracker, snack, and pet food industry. We aim to grow continuously with other confectionery product suppliers to serve the production requirements of our clients through unique concepts to produce top-notch confectionary items.

Our quality sets us apart from the rest of the wholesale confectionery products traders.

Oracle Group GmbH has grown manifold through professional and seasoned craftsmen, and machinists. We are marching towards excellence and aim to be named among the top confectionery suppliers.

With our dedicated craftsmen, designers, and manufacturing personnel, we support our clients 24/7 with high-quality infant formula, confectioneries and other products around the globe.

We want our premium wholesale confectionery products to be the main reason for ensuring client satisfaction. We pay attention to maintaining work ethics and provide customers with market competitive prices.

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