Breaking Through Top wholesale Bulk Tea Suppliers

Oracle Group GmbH is a trusted name among coffee and tea wholesalers in the confectioneries industry. Our technically correct and high-quality tea is made here in Austria then served throughout the world.

Creative tea and coffee products come from creative minds. Our manufacturing facility is designed with coffee and tea-holics in mind. We always focus to provide control and flexibility at each step of the process to produce tea that is uniquely yours and your customers.

Commitment Sets us Apart

At Oracle Group GmbH, our main is to work in partnership with our valued clients to meet and exceed needs and expectations. We are among wholesale bulk tea suppliers who offer tea and coffee tastings to match consumers’ taste preferences.

We identify the bled of teas and coffees that will best complement clients’ specific businesses. Functioning under the principles of quality, we remain dedicated to serving the requirements of our customers with integrity and knowledge.

Quality coffee and tea wholesalers

Our sales staff have the ideal knowledge base of coffee and tea. We have a hands-on and comprehensive understanding of brewers and espresso machines. We remain available 24/7 to guide every feature of our offered coffee and tea service — unlike other “renowned” coffee and tea wholesalers to deep consultations on your

  • design, and
  • store layout,
  • equipment

We Have Trained Staff

We give comprehensive and full training to our workers to make sure you and your staff maintain a high level of quality and consistency in your preparation and brewing methods.

Whether you’re a newbie in the confectionery business or just want to shift toward an organic, local or sustainable approach to your tea and coffee offerings, we provide solutions to meet your requirements.

We are Driven by Value Addition

We remain committed to adding value through developing sustainable, long-term, and winning relationships with our corporate partners. We offer a well-known, comprehensive, and tea supply for our clients using our exclusive brand of teas and coffees. Oracle Group GmbH offers a wide range of packages to remain in line with top-tier wholesale bulk tea suppliers.

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