Welcome to Oracle Group GmbH

A privately owned business with a mission to bring high-quality pulses for consumers in partnership with world’s most successful and sophisticated retailers, wholesalers, importers, packagers, canners, brokers, and growers with our small years of operation.

Oracle Group GmbH is still highly respected for outstanding performance and operation processes due to diligence through management services and return on investment for our retailers and wholesalers. We are in the business of Soft Drinks, Baby Formulas, Dairy Products, Confectioneries, Tea & Coffee, Whiskey, and A4 Paper.

You are a valued customer to us. Therefore, enjoy constant and low & regular prices, shipment and best quality food products from us. We are focusing on maintaining healthy relationships and creating value for you.

“Product quality and customer satisfaction are our number one priority at Oracle Group”


We are serving hundreds of customers with supplying of thousands of tons of goods annually. Do contact us anytime 24/7 to place a QUOTE.

Our Vision

As a leading supplier in the distribution business of Austria market, we value our customers more than anything else. We want to utilize our knowledge in providing the best quality products from Europe to our clients to satisfy their business requirements with an aim of establishing a permanent stand for our company in this industry we would like to collaborate with more organizations that produce agro-products through advanced process. We also want to establish a strong relationship with our potential clients as well as strengthen our bond with the current clients. We wish to comprehensive and trustworthy services to our clients every time they call us. We are committed for providing the best customer care service of this industry. We believe in going together as well as growing together.

Our Mission

To offer complete satisfaction to our clients.

Never compromising with the quality of the products.

Provide on-time delivery of products.

Keep the price competitive so that clients can afford them easily.

Fulfilling our duties towards our community as well as our employees so that they can feel proud and happy to be a part of Oracle Group.

Our Global Reach

As a leading name in the export of food & beverages industry, we have a long clientele that includes organizations from Europe, Mediterranean Countries, Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada etc. We are happy to state that the list of happy clients of ABM Seeds is augmenting day by day.

Our Expertise

Our products are stored under strict hygiene procedure to ensure food safety for quality and taste. To provide you the best quality, our research and development department elaborate continuously new concepts.